Sites by people involved in the production of DONUT DAY: 24 Hours at Sweetwater's:

Los Bandits: More than a Tex-Mex Band: Documentary about a Kalamazoo-area band by DONUT DAY co-producer Dhera Strauss

D I S H E S: Documentary about collecting Fiesta dishware by DONUT DAY co-producer Amy Levine.

Drone Lab: Website of Jonathan Hughes, who created the original music for DONUT DAY.


Other local film folks we like:

Tom Ludwig: Kalamazoo-area filmmaker.

Blanket Statement Productions: Dan Jones, another Kalamazoo-area filmmaker. He let us use his lavalier mics for DONUT DAY.

Kalamazoo River: US: Documentary about the Kalamazoo River by local filmmaker Matt Dunstone, currently in production.


Kalamazoo-area arts links:

Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo Institute of Arts


Documentary and other resources:

WGVU: PBS station located in Grand Rapids, MI.

East Lansing Film Festival

Detroit Docs Film Festival

Kalamazoo Animation Festival International